Thursday, January 22, 2015

Making Art

This is a very large picture (24 by 36 inches). It is my photo and I got the frame from Target.  I had it printed at Staples as a blueprint.  Yes, a blueprint!!  I think it cost me less than $3 for the print!

Here is another print that I also had done.  Again, this is my photo.  I stood there for a long time waiting for that gull to circle back around so I could get that shot of the shadow on the sand! I am going to hang them as a set in our shore condo above the sofa.  We have a very long wall to fill and I think the two of these side by side will fill it up nicely.

Don't they make a great set?

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Cuddly Kid Blankets

I picked up some remnants at Joann's.  These were rather large (almost a full yard or a little over a yard) but still not enough for an adult blanket.

I just loved these patterns!

We will soon be making settlement (God please let the title company get this done) on a small condo at the shore.  So these are perfect!

I figured the kids didn't need a double layer.

I bought the octopus and the shark patterns.  The 4 year old claimed the octopus because it has red in it.  So the 9 month old is getting the sharks. 

The 4 year old loves it!!!

I just fringed the two short ends of each piece and trimmed off the selvages.  Easy peasy!