Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Last Minute Christmas Crafts

Here are a few last minute Christmas gifts to make.

First, my all time favorite and huge hit.

No Sew Fleece Wrap:

Use 1 1/2 yards of fleece.  Fold in half lenghtwise.  Place a pin halfway up.  Cut along the fold up to the pin on one side.  Cut 2 inch long fringes on the short ends.  and that's it!  Here's how it looks and wraps.

Next is a cute scarf with a cell phone pocket!  This is also from fleece.  Just make some fringe on the ends and sew a simple pocket on the ends.

Now let's decorate the tree!  Using a simple clear glass ball, some Epsom salts, red beads or balls and green craft foam, you can make this cute "Holly in the Snow" Ornament.  Just funnel in some Epsom salts then cut the leaves out of craft foam and add in some red beads or balls.  

Back tomorrow with a few more! 


  1. Quick and cute! Thanks for the last minute ideas.
    Donna @onceuponasewingmachine.com

  2. What great idea's. Also simple yet classy. Thanks so much for sharing on We Made That.

  3. Thanks so much! Hope your Christmas was merry!

  4. Oh, the "Holly in the Snow" ornament is so cute! :)

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