Monday, September 23, 2013

Tutu Cute!!!

Quickest craft EVER!!!  Okay, these supplies are available at Joann's Fabric Stores.  I purchased both the knit hat and the flower there.  All you do is purchase both and clip the flower on to the hat!  That's it!!!  I used this for a newborn photo shoot.

You can see the clip on the back of the flower and the holes in the knit of the hat.  I just make sure I slipped the clip through the larger holes so I didn't damage the hat. 

Now here are a few other things I made that take a little more skill and some time.  

The mesh headband and the tube top of the tutu where also purchased at Joann's Fabric.  I think make a pompom from 6 inch wide white tulle using a needle and thread and attached it to the headband with a safety pin so I can put other things on there as I would like.  For the tutu, I cut strips of the 6 inch wide tulle and looped it through some of the holes in the mesh and knotted it.  This was not a difficult project, but it take some time to do. 

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Fall Wreath

I decided I wanted a Fall Wreath for my front window.  Not a Halloween wreath, just a general Fall Wreath.  I saw some on Pinterest that were simply tulle tied around styrofoam rings.  I couldn't find any styrofoam rings, but I did find a straw one.  So I decided to make this one.

Well, the 12 inch strips didn't make it quite fluffy enough.  I think the styrofoam rings have a smaller diameter and that allows the tulle to tie around them better.  I would definitely cut the strips to about 18 inch lengths for this project in the future.  But I do like the look of this too.

Here are the supplies I used:

1 - 24 inch straw wreath

3 rolls of 25 yards each of tulle; 1 orange, 1 yellow, 1 brown

and my handy dandy hot glue gun

I had some ribbon that I thought I would wrap the wreath in, but it wasn't enough.  So I skipped it.

Here is how the wreath looks in my window:

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Wedding Breakfast

Our son decided he wanted to have all of the guys in his bridal party get dressed at our house the morning of his wedding.  I was thrilled!  Of course that meant I had to feed them!

I busted our the egg casserole I usually make on Christmas morning and I also made a vegetable version of it.  Then we did bagels, Angel Food Cake with macerated strawberries and fresh whipped cream, fresh fruit, and a mimosa bar.

Let's just say it was a huge hit with the guys and the few ladies that joined them!