Monday, November 4, 2013

Fireman Sam Birthday Party

My grandson will be turning 3 this month.  He is absolutely obsessed with "Fireman Sam"!!!  If you are reading this post, you most likely know who Fireman Sam is, but I will explain for those who may not.  Fireman Sam is a Welsh cartoon about a fireman.  Yes, Welsh.  This makes it very difficult to come by the items to have a Fireman Sam party.

My grandson also wanted to be Fireman Sam for Halloween.  Getting a costume was costly, difficult and they were of low quality.  Enter Grammy and her sewing skills.  My daughter and I went to the fabric store to look for a pattern that might work.  We found a pattern for a costume for a chef's jacket.

The pattern is from Simplicity number 3650.  I used a bright blue poly cotton fabric and some "shiny silver buttons".  Then I got some silver ribbon for the trim on the bottom and the sleeves.  I made a belt out of black blanket binding and big buckle.  My daughter got yellow pants, some rubber rain boots and yellow fireman's hat.

Here we are when he came trick or treating at my house.  Note the plastic fire axe tucked in to his belt.  Yeah, he "chopped down" my front door with it.  We also added a yellow fire badge that came with the axe.  Very official.

Now for some birthday party ideas to go with your little fireman's gear.

Check out this great cake!  It really looks pretty easy to do.  The bottom looks like a ribbon.  The big truck and the flames on top look like fondant and modeling chocolate.  The number 2 is probably a candle.  Easy peasy and your little fireman will love it!

Now, for the party supplies, you will have to order them from the UK.  No two ways about it, to get Fireman Sam items, they must be ordered well in advance and from the UK.  I have tracked down the ultimate source for all things Fireman Sam in party supplies.  They have every single thing you will ever need or want; cups, plates, table cloths, you name it.  So here we go:

They have party packages for various numbers of guests that include everything even the balloons!  

Here's Jupiter the fire truck!  Radar the firehouse dog is in the truck.  Yep it's a pinata.  

You can start with official party invitations. 

They even have banners.  

So, if you want to have an official "Fireman Sam" birthday party, just make sure you plan it early and order from the UK.  Also, if you want an official looking Fireman Sam jacket, you will have to make it yourself using a chef jacket costume pattern.

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