Monday, November 25, 2013

Christmas Sled

Christmas Sled

I have been wanting to make a decorative sled for a long time now, but I was unable to get a sled for a reasonable price.  That is until I found one on Craig's List for $25!!!  Score!

The rest of my supplies came from the Dollar Tree.  This entire project cost me $33. 

I used 2 wreaths that I put on top of each and I used the wire that is in the branches to wire them to each other.  I used the garland as a substitute for the rope on the sled.


Run, don't walk, to your nearest Dollar Tree and pick up these magnolias!!!  They are on small clips and you can put them anywhere with no glue, no wire, nothing!!!  I used wire for the stars, snowflakes and large balls.  I used 2 rolls fo ribbons to make a bow. 

There is some wire in the edge of the ribbon, so you can curl is and it will hold it's shape.  

I think the wreath itself could be used alone.  I just love it!!

I think I will give the sled a spray of polyurethane once the season is over.  I want to preserve it as best I can.  I have simply wired the wreath and garland on it, so they can be removed and reattached after it is sprayed.


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