Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Under Sink Fix Up

Under Sink Fix Up

So, the black hole that was under my sink, was really starting to bother me!  So I decided to get some loose tiles and lay them in there to cover over the warped wood.  There had been a slow leak at some point in time and the wood is a mess!  


This is what I was working with!  Yuck!  Add to the warped wood pipes that come from everywhere and it's just a mess!!!  I tried to lay 12x12 tiles, but the pipes were in my way.  I could only lay 1-12x12 tile in there and have it lay flat.  So I had my husband get some 6x6 tiles and they did the trick!

This was the disaster that happened with the 12x12 tiles.

This is how the 6x6 tiles cover everything.  Much better!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting a Clean Oven

I found this helpful hint on Pinterest as to how to clean your oven without the super smelly and caustic oven cleaners.  I pinned it and I just got a chance to try it out.  Here's the Link: http://www.newsner.com/en/2014/10/i-used-to-hate-it-but-now-i-wont-have-to-worry-about-cleaning-the-oven-ever-again-this-is-so-brilliant/

Full disclosure, the baking soda did a fair job at scrubbing off some of the curd.  I inherited this stove with the house and it was not in good condition when I got it.  I am use to a self-cleaning oven and so I hate doing this!  So I definitely let this get out of hand.  I also used baking powder with the vinegar on the door and window.  That's the combo that your kids use in a volcano project to make it erupt.  This combo makes it fizz and really gets things to loosen up!!!  After all of that, I still wasn't happy, plus the racks needed cleaning.  So I resorted to my go to when things are REALLY dirty and I have tried everything else!  I got out the Dollar Tree cleaner called Awesome (which lives up to its name) and a Brillo pad.  This final step got a good bit more off.  The Awesome and Brillo also did a fantastic job on the racks!  More on that later.

I would say, if you keep up with your oven and/or you have a self-cleaning oven that can't have regular oven cleaners used in it, I would use this technique.  

After this experience, I have come to two conclusions.  First, this is as clean as my oven will ever be.  Second, I need a new stove with a self-cleaning oven because this is just too much on my back!

Now, for the racks.  Here are a few pictures of the racks.  I'm not sure you can tell just how good they came out.  

Left is the clean one and Right is the dirty one.  

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Dollar Store St. Patrick's Day Wreath

St. Patrick's Day Dollar Store Wreath

I made this wreath from items I got at the dollar store!  I used a floral foam ring, some garland, and glittery shamrocks.  I also added a pipe cleaner loop for hanging.  I think it's adorable!  I would cost you maybe $5 to make.  

If you can't find something at the dollar store, improvise!  You can always wrap the ring in crepe paper and add other embellishments that you find.  It's all up to you!!!  Have fun with it!!!  Let me know if you make one and send me a photo!  I'd love to see what you do!!!