Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Under Sink Fix Up

Under Sink Fix Up

So, the black hole that was under my sink, was really starting to bother me!  So I decided to get some loose tiles and lay them in there to cover over the warped wood.  There had been a slow leak at some point in time and the wood is a mess!  


This is what I was working with!  Yuck!  Add to the warped wood pipes that come from everywhere and it's just a mess!!!  I tried to lay 12x12 tiles, but the pipes were in my way.  I could only lay 1-12x12 tile in there and have it lay flat.  So I had my husband get some 6x6 tiles and they did the trick!

This was the disaster that happened with the 12x12 tiles.

This is how the 6x6 tiles cover everything.  Much better!

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