Thursday, November 19, 2015

Ribbons and Bows

We all know that making great bows is fantastic for wrapping up your cookie trays and gift baskets, but you can use those ribbons and bows for so much more during the holidays!

But let's learn how to make those great bows first!

I took an old pair of ice skates I had laying around that were going to only lead to broken bones and I decided to make them in to a decorative item.  You can also purchase some old ice skates at a thrift shop.  I clip some greens off of one of our trees outside since we have an artificial tree and slip those inside the skate.  Then I just add one of my big bows!!!  That's it!!!  Easiest decoration ever!

There is nothing I like better than to finish off my banister with a really massive bow!  I always leave the tails of the bow long so they trail down the sides of the newel post.

Did you ever think about decorating your kitchen cabinets for Christmas?  Well they are a great big area to decorate and to use for a very specific purpose that tends to give people a lot of trouble during the holidays.  So here is a very simple, elegant way to decorate them. Wrap the 2 1/2 to 3 inch wide ribbons around them and staple the ribbons ends to each other forming the ribbons into one large loop around the doors.  

Now, how to put them to good use.  When you get your Christmas or holiday cards and you don't know where to put them, staple the cards to the ribbons!!!  They make a great, festive decoration and it keeps them from falling all over your mantle, table, whatever every time the door opens and breeze comes in.  

I also love to make a nice bow to add to my floral arrangements.  It just adds a touch of elegance.


  1. Amazing how much you can do with a spool of ribbon right?

  2. Pinned! thank you for sharing at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. xo

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  4. That's adorable !!!

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