Sunday, April 27, 2014

Get The Shot!

Want to get a shot like this?  Let me tell you how.

First, if you camera has a zoom, use it. Note I said CAMERA!!! You cannot get good photos with your cell phone. You really do need a camera for your precious family photos.  Invest in a decent point and shoot if you can't afford, or don't want, an SLR.  Just try to get one with a physical zoom and not just and optical zoom.

Second, zoom in as closely as you can, fill the frame with everything you want to see and nothing you don't want to see.  Sure you can crop out later, but the more you crop the more clarity you will be losing. 

Third, always, always, always run it through some type of retouching program!!!!  ALWAYS!!!   Did I say always?  Just about every photo needs something, either some adjustment to the exposure, colors, or blemish removed.  If you don't have one on your computer, go to  It's free for a lot of stuff and cheap to subscribe to for a year.  

Here is another shot for inspiration.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter 2014

What our family did this year for Easter in photos.

The newlyweds

The newly enlarged family.

Mama bear and her first-born.

The happy parents.

Looking fabulous and loving her baby boy.

The new addition.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Everything Is Just Ducky!

I found this project on Pinterest: Mason Jar Duck and I thought it would be a great craft to do with my grandson!

I decided it would be a cute little gift for him to make for his new baby brother.  (Of course the candy inside will NEED to be eaten by big brother!)

Here are the supplies we used:

1 glass jar with a screw on plastic lid, Duco Cement, scraps of fabric, 1 cupcake paper cut in half, black Sharpie, some yellow and white jelly beans, and 1 package of Peeps.

I cut out feet from brown fabric and a beak from some green gingham.  I folded the cupcake paper in half and then cut it in half again. So the "wings" are the size of 1/4 of a cupcake paper.  I folded the paper so that is would stick out when glued on the jar.

Then we glued the feet on first.  Next we glued on the beak and drew on the eyes with the Sharpie.   After that it was wing time!!!  Then, it was just time to fill it with the jellybeans!!!

After that, we filled the remaining space with the Peeps and put the lid on nice and tightly!!  

He's so proud of himself!!!  Kids really get something out of making crafts and art projects.

Yep, little brother can have the jar!  He'll take the candy!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

What Is A Brother?

 What is a brother?

My grandson is about to find out very soon!!!

His little brother, Nicholas, will be here next week.

Today, he went with mommy to her last doctor's appointment before his baby brother arrives via repeat C-section.

To help him get involved and excited, the nurse practitioner has allowed him to climb up on the exam table and measure mommy's belly as well as use the stethoscope to fine the "bump, bump, bump"!

If you are expecting a second baby, please take your older one along on your OB visits!  It's one way for them to bond with the new baby even before they arrive.  The transition will still be hard I'm sure, but we are hoping it will be just a little bit easier.