Sunday, April 27, 2014

Get The Shot!

Want to get a shot like this?  Let me tell you how.

First, if you camera has a zoom, use it. Note I said CAMERA!!! You cannot get good photos with your cell phone. You really do need a camera for your precious family photos.  Invest in a decent point and shoot if you can't afford, or don't want, an SLR.  Just try to get one with a physical zoom and not just and optical zoom.

Second, zoom in as closely as you can, fill the frame with everything you want to see and nothing you don't want to see.  Sure you can crop out later, but the more you crop the more clarity you will be losing. 

Third, always, always, always run it through some type of retouching program!!!!  ALWAYS!!!   Did I say always?  Just about every photo needs something, either some adjustment to the exposure, colors, or blemish removed.  If you don't have one on your computer, go to  It's free for a lot of stuff and cheap to subscribe to for a year.  

Here is another shot for inspiration.

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