Sunday, May 18, 2014

External "Pocket Door"

My main bathroom is in the direct sight line of my front door and, therefore, a very busy street!  This can lead to some close calls and/or embarrassing moments when you are in a bathrobe running from the shower to the bedroom!  

My husband and I really wanted a pocket door installed between our formal, and traditionally decorated, living room and the hallway so that this issue could be resolved.  Well, that was estimated at $1800!  That was way outside of our budget.

Then I saw this on Pinterest:

While the industrial look didn't work at all with my decor, I thought I could redesign it and get something that would fit the situation.  I printed the photo, tracked down the mechanism and called my contractor!  

I decided that I would want the mechanism to be encased in some molding.  That was my first design change:

The next design change I made was to choose a raised panel door:

This fits in with our traditional decor just perfectly.

And, as you can see when it's closed, we get to enjoy our privacy!

The door is about an inch out from the wall.  This means I can even hang the beautiful picture my son got me for Mother's Day in that awkward space that is left when the door is closed which it is most of them since we have dogs to corral. 

Oh, so I bet you are wondering how much this cost us?  Less than $500!!!  Now that is a bargain!!!

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