Wednesday, April 22, 2015

By The Sea

This is a little stool (one of 2) that I made for our condo at the shore.  (Here in the Philly area we go "down the shore" and not "to the beach".)  They are for our Maltese who, for whatever reason, believes he can't get up and down off the sofas and chairs.  This is despite the fact that he jumps up on to the back of the sofa just fine which is a higher jump.  *sigh*

The picture above is not the final look, but I didn't get a photo of it after I sanded it down to make it look worn.  

Here's what I started with:

You can see the stamps I used on the sides.  I got an alphabet stamp set and a seashell stamp.  

This is the paint I used:

I found it easy to apply and it was nice and thick and covered easily.

After I was done sanding it all, I sealed it with this:

We are going "down the shore" this weekend and I will try to remember to get a photo of the finished product in place in the condo.  I will update when I have it.  


  1. What a lovely project -- both functional and decorative! I'm sure the Maltese look adorable when using it! Thanks so much for your comment on Saved by Grace! God bless.

  2. Thanks! My 4 year old grandson has also decided he likes it! :)