Friday, April 24, 2015

Coastal Design

Crossed Oars

I made these to hang in the condo at the shore above the TV in the living room.  There is a big blank space and I don't want to write anybody's name (sorry, I couldn't resist).  I was looking for an old oar online, but they were either too expensive or too far away to get.  

I found these smallish oars at Joann's Fabric for about $6 each.

I had some of this paint left over from the Salty Kisses stools, the color is "Serene".

Yep, some of this still laying around too.

I also had some white spray paint leftover form the lamp makeover I did a while back.  So I used up a bunch of leftovers on this one!

The only thing I bought for this other than the oars was some rope.

Here's my inspiration:

It's from Pinterest

Here's how I did it:

First just a coat of white primer, I am going to sand this later to look beat up so not need for a finish coat.

Next, some painter's tape and a coat of the blue paint.

Remove the paint and sand the edges.  Sounds easy, but there is a lot of elbow grease involved in this one and you can easily over do it!  Be careful in this step.

Subtlety is what you are after here.  

Then you want to cross the oars in the way you want them to sit and mark the spot.  You will then use a wood screw to attach them.  I then tied them with the rope and used some hot glue to make the oars steady and the keep the rope from untying.  I also put a little hot glue around the ends of the ropes to stop them from fraying.  I drilled holes in the corners of the oars to put rope through for hanging them.  One hint is is to make sure that you have the right size drill bit before you drill the holes  I made a mistake on the first one that is now covered up with the knot of the rope.  

I can't wait to see it in place.  Stop back for an update!


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