Monday, April 27, 2015

Multi-functional Closet

This was a completely open alcove with the exception of the washer/dryer combination unit.  We put in two shelves, two wood poles (one for the curtain and one for hanging clothes) and a battery operated light.  

This has made use of the very high space that was going to waste.  It gives us room to store our comforter, a blanket, all of the laundry supplies, and hang clothes!  

In a tiny condo that has no other closets, this is a major improvement.

The curtain, just for reference, was one that I was sort of hording.  It was one I had in my other house, but couldn't use in this one.  I refused to throw it out because it was silk and cost me a good bit of money.  It was laying in my basement in a plastic zippered bag for a few years.  So I decided this was the perfect place to use it.  

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