Thursday, March 26, 2015

Getting a Clean Oven

I found this helpful hint on Pinterest as to how to clean your oven without the super smelly and caustic oven cleaners.  I pinned it and I just got a chance to try it out.  Here's the Link:

Full disclosure, the baking soda did a fair job at scrubbing off some of the curd.  I inherited this stove with the house and it was not in good condition when I got it.  I am use to a self-cleaning oven and so I hate doing this!  So I definitely let this get out of hand.  I also used baking powder with the vinegar on the door and window.  That's the combo that your kids use in a volcano project to make it erupt.  This combo makes it fizz and really gets things to loosen up!!!  After all of that, I still wasn't happy, plus the racks needed cleaning.  So I resorted to my go to when things are REALLY dirty and I have tried everything else!  I got out the Dollar Tree cleaner called Awesome (which lives up to its name) and a Brillo pad.  This final step got a good bit more off.  The Awesome and Brillo also did a fantastic job on the racks!  More on that later.

I would say, if you keep up with your oven and/or you have a self-cleaning oven that can't have regular oven cleaners used in it, I would use this technique.  

After this experience, I have come to two conclusions.  First, this is as clean as my oven will ever be.  Second, I need a new stove with a self-cleaning oven because this is just too much on my back!

Now, for the racks.  Here are a few pictures of the racks.  I'm not sure you can tell just how good they came out.  

Left is the clean one and Right is the dirty one.  

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