Monday, September 23, 2013

Tutu Cute!!!

Quickest craft EVER!!!  Okay, these supplies are available at Joann's Fabric Stores.  I purchased both the knit hat and the flower there.  All you do is purchase both and clip the flower on to the hat!  That's it!!!  I used this for a newborn photo shoot.

You can see the clip on the back of the flower and the holes in the knit of the hat.  I just make sure I slipped the clip through the larger holes so I didn't damage the hat. 

Now here are a few other things I made that take a little more skill and some time.  

The mesh headband and the tube top of the tutu where also purchased at Joann's Fabric.  I think make a pompom from 6 inch wide white tulle using a needle and thread and attached it to the headband with a safety pin so I can put other things on there as I would like.  For the tutu, I cut strips of the 6 inch wide tulle and looped it through some of the holes in the mesh and knotted it.  This was not a difficult project, but it take some time to do. 

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