Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Frontier!

To say I am seasoned crafter would be an understatement.  I have done baking, cooking, sewing, knitting (badly), painting furniture, staining furniture, cake decorating (Wilton classes), floral arranging (trained and certified in both regular and bridal), making baby head bands (which I sold to a boutique), making barrettes, embellishing socks, tee shirts and matching pants or shorts with paint and jewels and of course photography.  So there isn't a lot in the craft store that I haven't tried or bought at one time or another.

There was, however, one area I had never even bothered to look at in depth.  That was the jewelry making area.  It seems tedious and just plain difficult to string beads and bend wire.  Well, today I ventured in to that unknown area.  I wanted some earrings for my son's wedding.  I knew what I wanted and I figured it would be easier to make them than to find them.  Swarovski now makes beads, thank you Jesus!  So I was able to really get what I wanted.  I also thought I would make a pair for the Mother of The Bride as a gift.

Here are my first two attempts at jewelry making:

These are my earrings.  The hearts looks gold or champagne in color in the photos, but they are really more clear.  My dress is silver.

The Mother of The Bride doesn't wear big earrings, so I made hers smaller.  Her dress is royal blue so I put the royal blue beads in the earrings.  Again, the butterflies appear gold or champagne in the photos, but they are really more clear.

All of the beads are Swarovski.  I really like how they came out!  I didn't find it tedious at all.  It actually went more quickly than I had anticipated.  I think I have a new hobby!!!