Friday, July 12, 2013

What About The Groom???

So, I am to be the Mother of The Groom in August.  The what?  Yeah, I know.  Nobody gives a flying leap about the Mother of The Groom.  We are the "shut up and wear beige" as my sister advised me.  As in blend in to the scenery.  Well, not this momma!  Thank God for my son and my daughter-in-law to be!!!  They have included me to the best of their ability, tradition has dealt the MOG a lousy hand, and have given me a green light on everything I have asked. 

Now, I want to make things special for my son.  But there again we find a dearth of things to purchase.  I am putting a basket together for the honeymoon suite.  I wanted flip flops for the bride and groom.  Bride, no problem.  Groom, not so much. 

What is an MOG to do???  Well, of course, get crafting!  I decided to make them look like a tuxedo.  So, I used bias tape for the shirt collars and hot glued them on.  Then I used black satin ribbon to create bow ties.  So, here they are!  He may hate them and never wear them, or they may be a kitschy thing he wears only on his honeymoon.  Either way, momma made him something that rate right up there with the bride! 

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