Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Wedding Celebration!

I have been MIA because I have been in wedding preparation mode!  My son is getting married this Saturday!!! 

We are so blessed that my son, L.J., has met the love of his life, Emily.  They are perfectly matched and we wish them a lifetime of happiness. 

I will be posting tons of things about the wedding and what I have done to prepare for it, but here is just the first installment.  I am saving many things as surprises. 

I am having a breakfast on the morning of the wedding and that means that I want the house to be decorated like a wedding celebration.  So I made this wreath to decorate the door. 

 I wasn't able to find a grapevine wreath to work with, so I got a wreath that was already complete (and pricey, but any port in a storm) and I remade it. 

This is how the wreath started out.  I absolutely hated the twigs and a lot of the green plants.

This is how it looked after the white flowers were added and the twigs and green plants were removed.

The only other addition was this great wedding ribbon I got on clearance. 

It will make a nice welcome for the groomsmen and their gurests. 

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