Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halloween Fun!!!

Here are some of my favorite Halloween decor pieces and treats.  Some I have made and some I have compiled over the years.  Enjoy!

I made these Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops last year.  I dipped then in white chocolate melts that I colored yellow first and then I added red to make the chocolate orange and dipped them again.  The eyes are green gel cake decorating icing.

This is a topiary I made last year.  They are hollow artificial pumpkins that I got at Joann's.  I drilled holes in them and put them on a wood dowel.  Then I put a bow on the top, wrapped some leaves and foil leaf garland around it.  It is in a pot that was left at the house when we bought it.  It has annuals that bloom in the summer, but it's quite desolate in the fall and winter.  So this is a festive way to use it.  I have to think of something for the winter.  (Wheels are turning.)

One of my favorite pieces!  I have had it for years.  The Green M & M is so sassy!!!  FYI, she is not permanently attached and has been lost several times.  I think I finally hot glued her on.

My mantle.  I have a collection of small nut crackers.  Yup!  Nutcrackers!  Close ups to follow.

Dracula and you can see when I got him.

Frankie, looks like 2010 peeking out on him too.

Not sure who or what this guy is, but I love him!!!

Now, who doesn't love a little Disney with their Halloween?  Well I DO!!!  I love a little Disney with everything!!!  This is just perfect!  Did I mention that Halloween is HUGE in my house?  Yeah.  Once had a neighbor describe my house as "totally overdone" for Halloween.  I like chocolate!  You might like vanilla.  So be it.

 This is the shelf in my bathroom.  The side pieces are from the dollar store.  They have candy corn in them and battery operated tea lights.  The ribbon was an impulse buy at Michael's on clearance.  The candle was an impulse buy on clearance from Kohl's.  

This is a pumpkin costume that I made for my son who just turned 30.  This is my grandson wearing it 2 years ago when he was almost 1.  This year he is just about to turn 3.  

This is a costume I made for my grandson last year.  Johnny Depp has nothing on him!!!  Not a button hole or sipper in sight!!!  Just some elastic and a frog closure.  To capture this image, I used a roll of blue paper background and a rolled it out so he could walk and crawl around on it.  Then I just let him loose!  I used two soft box lights to light the image.  I find that photographing children is a specialty that requires a lot of patience and is not something you can really "pose" or "stage".  You just set up an environment and put them in it.  You start shooting, shoot a LOT of frames and generally you will have some great shots.

I hope you have enjoyed this little tour.  Happy Halloween!!!

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