Friday, June 20, 2014

The Greek Yogurt Lie

So, I got in a HUGE argument with my husband in the car because he said this; "I was reading how Greek yogurt has so much more protein than regular yogurt."  This lead to me screaming at him that yogurt is a protein!!!  Okay, maybe I'm a little hyper about such things.  To me it's really a simple thing to know that yogurt is a dairy based product and therefore a protein.  But I guess not everybody, especially a lawyer, would know that.  So I guess I overreacted.  Go figure!

Here are the side by side comparisons on the numbers with Chobani and Dannon Plain Non Fat.  The Chobani is a 150g serving size and the Dannon is a 170g serving size, but it's the best I could do.



There is very little difference between them!  There is certainly very little difference in the protein!!!!

Ugh!  Be informed about what you eat.

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