Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Christmas Eve Boxes 2014

It's that time of year again!  Time to make up a special gift box for the little ones to open on Christmas Eve!  

I have to say, while this may not be the biggest gift or the one that "Wows" them, it is so much fun to do!  Plus, it's one of the first gifts they will open.  My kids always loved getting this box from my mom.  My mom just did the pajamas, I stepped my boxes up a bit.  

This year we have a new addition and, while he's only 8 months old, he's getting his very first Christmas Eve Box! 

So, let's go over what I put in it this year.

This one if for my 4 year old grandson.  I decided to skip the DVD since they can't really interrupt a Christmas Eve party to watch them and I went with a coloring book instead which is a nice quiet activity that they can do by themselves.  Don't forget to put some crayons in there too!  I put in some hot chocolate and popcorn.  Of course and nice cozy pair of Christmas pajamas is always in the box.

This is the one I did for my 8 month old grandson.  This one was a bit more difficult.  I put in the pajamas, a "Baby's First Christmas" bib, and then I bagged up some of his favorite baby treats in a festive bag.  Next year it will be easier to do one for him.

Then I just put the lids and labels and tie them up with my tulle.  

Stay tuned for my video tutorials on wrapping.

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