Monday, February 4, 2013

Pre School Tactile Play

Today I joined my grandson and his other grandmom at Story Time and crafts at the local library.  While there, I noticed that Joseph didn't want to glue things down, he wanted to just manipulate the fuzzy pom poms and the foam shapes they had provided for the craft.

This lead me to come up with the idea to create some tactile activities for him.  I went to the dollar store and got some stones, some plastic chains, and some containers.  Here's what we came up with:
The center container has uncooked rice in it.  Joseph spent probably 20 minutes just manipulating and playing with the containers.  
 Every time he picked up the chain, he said "I like it!  I like it!"  Then he would say, "I like rocks!" when he was manipulating the rocks.  Too cute! 

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