Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kids' St. Patrick's Day Craft

This is my oh so handsome grandson!  He loves doing crafts and he loves holidays!!!  This year he really gets what St. Patrick's day is about, at least the shamrocks and the green part.  He is only 3 after all.  

So I wanted to come up with a toddler friendly craft to do with him.  Off to the Dollar Tree we went.  I got 2 garlands, one of all green with shamrocks and one that had gold shamrocks on a green garland.  They were 9 feet long each.  I also got a package of glittered shamrocks that were about 3 inches big and a floral foam ring.  The only other thing I used was my hot glue gun.  I was careful to do the gluing and keep his little fingers away from the hot glue.  He would hand me the strands of the garland through the hole in the "wreath" and we wound the garlands around it.  We only glued the ends.  Then I put a dot of hot glue in the very center of each large shamrock and I let him place them.  Other then scooching the top one up a little bit so you could see the center one, he chose this placement.  I promise you he did!!! 

I twisted together 2 green pipe cleaners to use as a hanger.  I think this is amazingly cute!!!