Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas Gifts to Make

No Sew Wrap

This is one of the easiest things you can make.  Absolutely NO SEWING!!!  ZERO!  All you need are some pins, scissors, and a tape measure.  Here's how to make it:
Use 1 1/2 yards of fleece.  Fold it in half lengthwise.  Place a pin halfway up the length on the folded edge.  Cut along the fold up to the pin.  On both of the short ends, cut 2 inch long fringes. And that's it!  

Quick and Easy Cell Phone Pocket Scarf

This one takes just a little bit of sewing that can easily be done by hand.  Cut a 36 by 8 inch piece of fleece.  Cut 1 1/2 inch fringes on the short ends of the fleece. Cut 6 inch squares of fleece in a coordinating fabric.  Stitch them on three sides leaving the side that is away from the fringes open.  No need to fold a hem on the pockets, fleece does not fray.   

Fleece Mitten Ornaments

This one is a little more difficult.  I used a pattern.  I printed out a mitten shape on my printer a little larger than what I wanted my ornaments to be then I cut 4 of the shapes, stitched them on all but the cuff sides and stuffed them.  Then I hand stitched the cuff sides with the ribbon inside that seam.  Then I tied the ribbons together to form the hanger. 

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