Friday, November 7, 2014

Wrap It Up!

It's that time of year again!  The time when you need to wrap a million gifts all at once!  Or do you?  

I have a trick to get it all done once and for all.  Then you can just reuse the boxes year after year!!!  

So here we go!!!

First, you need to collect a lot of boxes!!!

As you can see, I save anything.  Shoe boxes, shirt boxes, you name it.  Because you just don't know what you will be buying for gifts and you will most likely use every single box size and shape.  Also, they will be wrapped, so what they look like isn't important.

The next step is to collect lots of gift wrap, I get mine from dollar stores.

Then it's time to wrap.  The important thing here is to use Scotch Magic tape!  If you use inexpensive tape, it's going to be a disaster!!!  Be sure to get Scotch Magic tape.

For boxes where the bottoms are white or have no logos on them, you can just wrap the lid.  If the bottom has a logo or something else undesirable, wrap the bottom too.  Either way, this is the way both pieces should be wrapped:

You fold and wrap everything to the inside of the lid or bottom and use a lot of Scotch Magic tape to hold it all in place.  

Next, print out some removable labels with the names of all your family members.  I do a sheet for each person.  

That way, when you reuse the boxes next year, you can change the labels.  

After that I just add my signature tulle bow and I am done.  The following year it's just a matter of grabbing a box, making sure there is tissue paper in it, putting a label on it, and putting a new bow on it.  

Time to get wrapping!!!  

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