Wednesday, November 19, 2014


This has to be the best tip I could ever give you!  This is a two-fer!  It's a way to get those pesky inserts out of your magazines and mailings and put them to good use.

I hate the extra thick pages in magazine that have perfume samples on them.  They make the magazine open oddly and make it difficult to read.   You can also find these inserts in mailings from department store, even in your bills at times!  

Well, I found a way to put them to good use!  I tear them out, tear off the strips with the scent on them, open them up, and put them in my drawers!!!  That way, I have some very expensive perfumes scenting my clothing!!!  

It's quite delightful to open your drawers and smell Chanel!  It's heaven to put on your pajamas and have that scent as you sleep!!!  If you have some sweaters that you are just taking out for the first time of the season, this is a way to make them fresh.  

As the strips in your drawers lose their scent, there is always a new batch arriving in your mailbox!

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