Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Brown Paper Packages

I saw this on Pinterest:

I thought this was a great gift idea!  First, it's an inexpensive and clever way to wrap a gift.  Second, it's reminiscent of one of the greatest movies of all time, "The Sound of Music"!

Here is my interpretation of it:

I know the text is a little hard to read because of the string.  I am guessing that is why the original poster cut theirs in half.  But I like it all on one card. 

I had some red heart doilies, so why not use one for this?  The hearts were easy to add in Print Shop.

Then I put in my hubby's gift and added some goodies on top.  He loves chocolate covered pretzels and Mike and Ike's.  This is sure to be a hit!  So easy to do.

Some double sided tape to attache the doily and the card and tie some twine around the bag.  Doesn't get any easier.  Hope you try it too!

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

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