Monday, February 10, 2014

Winter and Valentine's Mantle

Love is in the air!  And it's on my mantle!!!

I like to decorate for EVERY holiday!  So, it's time to put some love on things.  But I don't want to go completely Pepto on everything.  I want to have a bit that can transition through the whole winter season.

I had some leftover snowflake ornaments that I got at the Dollar Tree along with just a few plastic Christmas balls that were white, pearly, and glittery.  I had 1, just 1, BIG clear plastic snowflake.  I originally bought that for the photo shoot with my grandson.  But I realized that clear was not going to photograph well and I went with the white ones that were just perfect!!!  I also have three large tall clear vases in my closet of things to use for parties and for decor.  I had 3 small boxes with lids that were pink and red.  One of the boxes is heart shaped.  Those were the raw materials for my mantle decor.

Here is what I did with them:

First I filled the glass vase with the snowflakes and the Christmas balls making something reminiscent of the movie Frozen.  Then I propped the large clear snowflake in front of it.

With just the one vase, it really is an impressive statement on the mantle.

Next, I simply added the little boxes turned on their sides.  I wanted the bows on the lids to show.  I think they look adorable!  And, when Valentine's Day is over, they can easily be stored away leaving the vase to last the winter.

Easy, simple, and no glue gun needed!!!

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