Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lights, Cameras, Oscars!!!

It's almost Oscars night 2014!!  As we all know, I am a movie freak and this is my favorite night of the year!!!  So, here is my round up of ideas for this year:

First up, a great signature beverage!!!

I found made this one for my friend Nikki's 30th birthday.  It was pink Champagne, Strawberry Vodka and grenadine.  I would not use Strawberry vodka!  It was a little overly sweet.  I would use pink champagne, with regular vodka (1 bottle and 1 cup respectively) and skip the grenadine altogether.  Then I would float some frozen fresh strawberries in it.

Now for an easy appetizer so you can get your winner picks together.

These Caprese Bites come together in a matter of a few minutes.  You marinate the tomatoes ahead of time and then just assemble them right before your guests arrive.

For your "Main Attraction" we have to co-stars.  A beef and a chicken selection.  Each is easy to make and delicious!

First, the ever popular "Company's Comin' Chicken Fingers".  These are SO good!!!  Just make sure you like the people you are inviting because they will want to come back!

And now, the easiest of them all, the Roast Beef Sliders!  Just get some slider rolls, some thin sliced roast beef deli meat and some horse radish mayo.  Then assemble!  That's it!  Well, except for a nice toothpick. 

Now for dessert.  Why Pink Champagne Cupcakes with Pink Champagne Icing of course!  What else would you have for a red carpet event?

And if you or your guests just must have chocolate (I know I do), here is a great dessert with champagne in it!!!  These Chocolate Champagne Cheesecake Tartlets.  If you can't get the Philadelphia Milk Chocolate Indulgence, add about a half cup of cream cheese and 2 more tablespoons of cocoa powder. 

As for decor, well that's quite simple, go to the dollar store and get some star shaped balloons!

If you are lucky, you will find some great star shaped plates like I did.  If not, go for the gold!  

Make some cool dollar store champagne glasses for your signature drink and you are ready to mark your ballots!!!

Here is a link to a printable ballot and Bingo cards I found on Pinterest!  So fun!!!

I hope you have a wonderful time and pick all of the winners!

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