Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Chocolate Fever!!

I love chocolate, this is no secret.  So, when it comes to Christmas, it just wouldn't be Christmas without chocolate and a LOT of it!  So, here are the treats that I have made this Christmas. 

P.S.  No baking was involved!

Chocolate Covered Marshmallows with Nonpareils

These are HUGE marshmallows!  The bag actually recommends you cut them in thirds to eat them.  I love how they came out.  One of these wrapped in cellophane with a bow is a nice little treat for your child's classmates.  P.S. No eggs, peanuts, etc.  Not sure of other allergens.

Chocolate Spoon Stir Ins

These spoons are great for adding some flavor to coffee or for just stirring in to hot milk to make hot chocolate.  I put 3 each in a snack size ziploc bag and tied them with some tulle.  I put them on some dollar store tin trays.  Fancy looking and really fun.

The spoons I used are plastic that look like silverware.  So the overall look is really elegant.

And last, but by no means least, Cannoli Dip!!!  Oh my!

This is a super quick and easy recipe and look how great it turns out!  I have this little red wagon that I thought would be a great presentation.  I just used a Pyrex loaf pan to put it in.  Then I have little pinch bowls that I am putting wedges of pizzelles in to use as dippers.  I know this stuff won't last long tonight!

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