Monday, December 2, 2013

Santa Hats

These little hats are made completely of things you can get at the Dollar Tree!  I picked up two small styro foam cones, a package of foam craft paper with sparkles and some garland.  Add in a couple of hot glue sticks and you have these cute little Santa Hats!  Easy peasy!!!  Aren't they cute?

This is a fun craft for older kids that can handle a hot glue gun.  Girl Scout troops or even Boy Scout troops would love to make these.  Combine watching the movie Elf with making these and I think you have a winner!  Great for your family holiday party kids' craft.

I did cut the foam craft paper on an angle to match the cones and used 2 pieces of craft paper per cone.  I didn't put any paper on the bottoms, but I did wrap it over the tops.  The two pieces overlap (if you do it right which I miss calculated on the first one and had to do a small patch).  I put the hot glue on the paper and rolled the cones on to the paper so I wasn't touching the hot glue or the paper with the hot glue on it.  

I hope you try this quick, easy, and inexpensive little craft!  It is sure to add to your holiday fun!!

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