Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Where To Put The Cards?

If you are like me, you LOVE your Christmas cards!  You love to look at them and the thought of throwing them away is heartbreaking.  You want them displayed so they can be looked at over and over again and so that the little notes inside can be read over and over again.  But how?  If you stand them up on table or your mantle, they will fall over repeatedly or you won't have enough room for all of the cards that you receive.  So, here are two unique and decorative ways to display them.

First, make a swag with some twine and attach your cards with paper clips.  It's kind of like a laundry line. 

The other idea is to wrap 2 inch wide ribbons around your kitchen cabinet doors and staple the ends together on the inside of the doors.  Then staple the cards to the ribbons. 

I hope these ideas help you to enjoy the beautiful cards that you receive this Christmas Season!

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