Saturday, December 21, 2013

Wrap Session

It's that time.  Time to take all of the things you have purchased through all of those hours of shopping online and in stores and WRAP IT!!

 If you are like me, you take this task very seriously!!!  I like my packages to match and/or coordinate.  I want every thing to have some type of bow or ribbon.  I want printed tags for the majority of them.  All tags are in a fancy font on removable address labels.

I actually leave some things unwrapped and, this year, I used one gift as a container to put other gifts in to.  I got my grandson a canvas toy hamper and I put some toys in it.  Win, win!

Jacket for my son, also not getting wrapped.  I mean seriously?  That is just torture and it would not be pretty. 

What I have done to make wrapping fairly easy each year is to take just the LIDS of the boxes and wrap them!  In addition to that, I have used Mylar wrapping paper.  Mylar is sturdy and doesn't rip like paper.  Then I use the removable labels so that the boxes can be reused for many years.  I save the boxes in a closet in my basement from year to year.

I also use tulle instead of ribbon.  Tulle is very forgiving!!  It doesn't fray, it doesn't crush, it is pretty indestructible.

Here is my ultimate Bow Making Tutorial video on how to make some great bows from tulle:

Here is a video with some hints on wrapping gifts.  As I said, I only wrap the lids on the boxes with two pieces.  But here is how to wrap a one piece box:


I hope these tips help you to get your treasures wrapped beautifully in no time!  

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