Friday, December 6, 2013

Kids' Christmas Portraits

I just love this shot of my grandson!  Now, you might say "Yeah, sure!  You are a professional photographer with a home studio".  True, but I have some tips to help you get some great shots too,

First, set up an area for your photos.  It can be your living room.  I just used my fireplace to do a photo shoot for a family.  If you don't have a great area as a backdrop, try going outside and using a great pine tree or waiting until your Christmas tree is up and use that as a backdrop. It should be just a minor part of the photo anyway, so don't stress over it.  

Go to the dollar store and get some props/bribes.  Candy canes, artificial snowflakes, candy, fancy gift boxes, etc.  Then stack up the boxes (even wrap just some plain boxes and add some pretty  ribbon, these won't be opened; mine have hearts on one side to do dual purpose for Valentine's day photos).  Put some candy canes in some of the boxes, candy in others, lay the snowflakes on the floor.

Get some old toys, iconic things that are timeless (an old wood train, a jack-in-the-box, a xylophone, wood blocks, a baby doll) and let them just play with them.

Now get on the floor.  Yes, YOU!  Get down on the floor with the kids.  Let them open the boxes once you have the camera ready and focused on them.  Then shoot away!!!  Take a zillion photos!!!  Remember you only need a few photos, but if you take hundreds (yes I actually do this) you will come up with several winners.  If you camera has a "continuous shoot" setting, put that on and hold down the shutter release.  Here are some examples:

Yeah, okay, my model is pretty amazing!  He is an extremely cooperative model!  I have been doing photo shoots with him since birth.  He's very comfortable in front of the camera with me and will do anything I ask him to do!  Amazing!

I hope these tips help you get some wonderful shots of your little ones.  If you try them and they help you, let me know.

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