Monday, December 9, 2013

Let It Snow!

I was able to attend my first Eagles game in probably a decade yesterday.  Yes, the "Snow Bowl"!  So, in honor of that, here are tons of crafts that I have done that are snow related.

Dollar store Christmas balls, some spray glue and Epsom salts will get you these great frosted ornaments.

Now take the Epsom Salts and a funnel and fill a glass Christmas ball about half full.  Then cut some green craft foam in the shape of holly leaves.  Grab some red beads or small foam balls and hot glue them all together and slip then in to the glass ball and you have Holly In The Snow!

Using some inspiration from a post on Pinterest (you can see that post here), I decided to make these cute little refrigerator magnets.  Get some tea lights from the Dollar Store.  Using a Sharpie, draw a snowman face on them using the flame as the nose.  Also pick up some gloves at the Dollar Store.  Cut the fingers off of the gloves and roll them up so they look like hats.  Carefully hot glue them on the snowmen.  At a small strip of magnetic tape on the back and you have an adorable refrigerator magnet!

Getting some inspiration from, where else, Pinterest (you can see the post here), I decided to make these adorable little snowmen!  The original post used Hershey's Nuggets, but I wasn't able to get any of those.  Using candy about the size of Hershey's Nuggets, I used some Krackel candies that were the same size, cut card stock in strips that are 1 inch by 3 inches and draw snowman faces on them close to the bottom edges.  Then wrap the candies and attach with double sided tape.  Now, using the same Dollar Store gloves, cut off the fingers of gloves and roll them to look like hats for your snowmen.  

There you go!  A great way to spend your next Snow Day!

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